I offer shamanic healing and Temenos Touch ®

I have been involved with alternative healing for nearly thirty years and originally became interested in shamanism when, working as a herbalist, some 15 years ago I experienced shamanic journeying to a plant and realised that using the very essence of a plant could extend the range of activities a plant could manifest in the human body. I extended my studies in this area with a Huichol shaman and then a South African sangoma.

More recently I have attended a series of trainings with Simon Buxton at the Sacred Trust, the UK branch of Michael Harner's Foundation for Shamanic Studies and started both to incorporate these techniques into my work and to teach people how to journey shamanically.

I was attracted to Temenos Touch ® because its originator Evelyn Brodie was working and offering training having sought the scientific rationale for information coming to us through expanded consciousness, a state in which much shamanic work takes place. My own background is in science so the approach appeals and the range and scope of Temenos Touch ® and shamanic techniques from other sources are a useful complement to my work as an acupuncturist.

What is Shamanic Healing?

Shamanic healing has gone on for thousands of years in societies across the world. It understands that our physical bodies are a form of dense energy sitting within fields of more rarified energy, the two comprising what is often known as the Energy Body. When this energy body becomes disturbed illness originates which can later manifest as physical, emotional or spiritual suffering. Shamanic practitioners have the capacity to perceive and work in the client's energy fields to remove blockages, energetic intrusions or restore parts of the energy body which have become separated.

There has been growing interest, including in the scientific and medical community, in this mode of healing and an increasing body of academic studies on it.

How would I know that Shamanic Healing might help me?

You may experience one or several of these below;

  • A feeling of being out of balance, with a loss of a sense of meaning, purpose or direction in life.
  • Some unresolved trauma in the past after which there is a sense of not being yourself or of not being fully present in your body.
  • Feelings of loss or disconnection, a sense of isolation or lack of confidence.
  • Relationship problems.
  • Chronic bad luck.
  • A feeling of being stuck in some recurring pattern.
  • Some unresolved physical illness.
  • Depression.
  • Sexual abuse.

Temenos Touch ®

This therapy is a group of integrated techniques, some drawn from body-mind realms such as meditation, yoga, breath work, craniosacral therapy and constellation work plus other types of non-local healing originating in Andean shamanism.
The former can deal with deeply entrenched trauma or self limiting beliefs while the latter can address problems such as those specified above.
After two unsuccessful years of trying for a pregnancy I am now in my last trimester and looking forward to the birth of our child. I wanted to thank you for both the acupuncture and emotional support you gave me during the time you were treating me.
S.J. from Tunbridge Wells
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Prospective patients are welcome to come for a 15 minute consultation to discuss their needs. This is offered free of charge but will involve no treatment on that occasion.