Frequently Asked Questions about Acupuncture

Does it hurt?

Most people's previous experience of being needled is of having injections using relatively wide, hollow hypodermic needles. By contrast acupuncture needles are fine and solid so that they can normally be inserted with little sensation. Once in situ they are manipulated and this can produce a dull or tingling sensation of short duration.

Are the needles used more than once?

NO. Needles come pre-packed and sterilised. To prevent the possibility of cross infection once they are removed they are discarded and disposed of. They are never sterilised and reused for another person.

What happens during appointments?

The first session lasts around one and a half hours. You will be asked about your current symptoms and general health, what other treatments you have received and what medicines you are taking. Your diet and lifestyle are discussed. This is all done with a view to establishing the cause or causes of your condition so that a treatment strategy can be developed and relevant advice given on any dietary or lifestyle changes it would be wise for you to make. Second and subsequent appointments are shorter. You will be asked about your progress since the last visit and then you will be treated again.

What am I likely to feel afterwards?

Further to improvement in the condition for which treatment was sought, it is often the case that people experience a general sense of well-being. Often there is a release of energy enabling a person to take up new activities or resume previous interests with renewed enthusiasm.

How often will I need to have treatment?

This varies with the problem. Initial treatments are usually weekly for four to five weeks to establish and maintain changes in health. People who have long standing conditions may need to have further treatment at less frequent intervals over a period of months.

Should I continue to take my prescribed medicines?

YES. At your first appointment you should bring a list of any medicines you take which includes prescribed ones, those bought over the counter and any food supplements. Acupuncture may make it possible for you to reduce or stop taking prescribed medicines but that needs to be done in negotiation with your doctor.
I can't thank you enough for the support, expertise and advice you gave me throughout the last eighteen months in my efforts to become a mum. I believe your knowledge of Chinese medicine and calming wisdom made me more laid back. I always walked away from you in a better mood which benefitted my husband too! We now have a lovely son.
K.M. from Maidstone
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Prospective patients are welcome to come for a 15 minute consultation to discuss their needs. This is offered free of charge but will involve no treatment on that occasion.